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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended for new Active Booker users.

Does your software cost extra to use online waivers?

No. All Active Booker customers have unlimited use of digital waivers. Depending on local laws, at minimum, we recommend waivers be updated annually.

Does your booking software charge any hidden fees on payment processing?

No. Our platform is integrated with most major payment processors. This allows us to connect your platform directly to the payment processor of your choice. Processing fees vary from provider to provider, and we are happy to assist with this choice.

Does your booking platform send automated text messages?

Absolutely! Our Growth plan comes with 1000 text messages per month. Should you require more, these can be purchased for $0.02 per text message.

Is there a limit to the number of monthly bookings?

No. All plans come with unlimited bookings. Your business will have your own custom booking page that can be used without limits.

Do you offer a discount for annual subscriptions?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions.

Does your software have the ability to handle leagues or tournaments?

Yes. Our Growth plan comes with league and tournament add-ons.

What payment processing companies does your software integrate with?

Our booking platform integrates with Square, Stripe and Clover. If you are a new business and looking to get started, speak with a member of our team to assist you with this decision. 

Can I set a maximum number of people per booking?

Absolutely. Every business is different, and we allow you to fully customize your booking calendar to meet your needs.

What type of businesses can use your software?

Our booking platform is designed to meet the needs of most sport and leisure based businesses. Everything from Bowling alleys and axe-throwing facilities, to camp grounds and family fun centers.

Does your booking software charge a percentage of revenue?

No. Revenue-based booking platforms are typically suited for small businesses doing under $2000 in revenue per month.  We charge one flat fee, allowing you to keep everything you make.

Is your booking calendar drag-and drop?

Yes. Your staff will be able to drag and drop bookings in a matter of seconds. This is a feature that many of our clients had requested, as it allows for quick and easy booking changes. Active Booker was built for customers, AND staff. 

Does your booking software allow businesses to accept deposits?

Yes. We allow our clients to customize how much, or how little of a deposit they would like to accept. Turning on your deposits feature, allows you to accept deposits between 0% and 100% of the total bill – at the time of booking.

Does your platform allow for adding multiple locations or franchising?

Absolutely. Our platform was initially built to meet the needs of franchisors and their franchisees. To discuss adding locations and users, please contact our sales team, or your current account manager.